Vitrocsa celebrates 30 years of invention

Time spent perfecting components that no-one will see, because they are part of a whole in which everything is of importance, every detail counts.

Dezeen: Swiss brand Vitrocsa is celebrating 30 years since the invention of its first minimal window – three decades in which it has aimed to continuously revolutionise the field by creating ever more gravity-defying designs.

Vitrocsa specialises in minimal made-to-measure windows with almost no visible frame, enabling a seamless connection between indoors and out.

The brand is a contraction of Vitres Orchidées and Constructions SA, and was founded by the Swiss engineer at Orchidées Constructions, Éric Joray after he developed a passion for growing orchids.

The Vitrocsa Sliding system has been installed at Casa Bastida by Bosch Capdeferro Arquitectes. Photo by José Hervia

Joray invented the first Vitrocsa window in 1992, aiming to not only minimise the frame but also improve the glazing's waterproofing, insulation and resistance over what was being offered at the time.

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