How a window designer expanded architectural possibilities

With more than 20,000 projects completed across 60 countries, Vitrocsa is the architect’s choice for innovative window design.

Est Living: Pioneered in Switzerland in 1992, Vitrocsa has revolutionised glass window design. Swiss watch-maker Eric Joray implemented the same disciplines and micromechanics from watch-making into his window formulation, designing the ‘original modern minimalist window’ by distilling every element. The result is unrivalled performance, strength and visual invisibility.

Est Living chat with Vitrocsa Australia and New Zealand Director Michael Canturi who introduced the product to southern shores. While it is manufactured to the same Swiss standards, Michael has worked with Eric and the team in Switzerland, innovating even further to meet the needs of Australasia’s most demanding architectural visions.

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Eagle's Nest at Collaroy Beach features Vitrocsa Sliding windows | Photo: Clinton Weaver

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