Designed to be invisible - Pivot doors for the Australasian environment

The slimmest and most highly-sealed on the world stage.

Est Living: With more than 30 years of experience in research, innovation, testing and design, Vitrocsa’s range of sliding, pivot, turnable and guillotine windows and doors are almost undetectable. Australian and New Zealand managing director, Michael Canturi explains that Vitrocsa frames are highly engineered for extra strength, supporting very large glass panels.

Vitrocsa Pivot Doors are engineered to swing effortlessly and can be locked when closed.

“All components are designed down to the most minimal dimensions possible. The result is doors and windows which are designed to be invisible, therefore allowing the architecture to take centre stage,” he says.


  • Est Living | Sarah Knight – Words
  • Tobias Partners | Marston Architects – Architecture
  • Justin Alexander | Katherine Lu – Photography
  • Vitrocsa Australia - New Zealand – Pivot Doors