Australian manufacturing tailors Vitrocsa to the Oceanic climate

Architect Nick Tobias began using Vitrocsa when it first launched in Australia and considers it a quantum leap in window innovation.

Invented in 1992 by Swiss watchmaker Eric Joray, Vitrocsa has pioneered a revolutionary paradigm in modern, minimalist window systems.

The company’s foray into Oceania in 2008 heralded a new stage for its portfolio, with products adapted to suit warmer climates

Today, Vitrocsa Australia has an Australian manufacturing base and an in-house team of architects and designers who liaise with clients, customising the Vitrocsa system to fit each project and environment.

One client of note is Shaun Lockyer, founder and principal of Shaun Lockyer Architects, who has been using Vitrocsa for nearly a decade.

“The minimal nature of the product means that our aspiration to connect the interior spaces with the world outside is done in the most poetic way possible.”


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