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Whale Beach – Tobias Partners

Northern Beaches House is perched at the top of a steep embankment looking north along a string of outlets and headlands. The view is about as spectacular as they get.

The hardest architectural outcome to achieve is that which appears simple and straight forward.

Architect: Richard Peters, Principal in Charge, Tobias Partners
Photography: Justin Alexander
Vitrocsa Product: Sliding Glass Doors

HOUSES Magazine Issue #91
Domain – Simple Elegance
Architecture AU – Northern Beaches House
Share Design Blog – Nick Tobias

Finalist AIA (Australia Institute of Architects) – NSW Architecture Awards (2013)
Finalist Houses Awards – New house over 200m2 (2013)

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“The head and footer tracks are beautifully detailed and able to fit superbly flush into floor and ceiling.

...our greatest find has been the Vitrocsa Glazing System”
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