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Turnable Corner Sliding Doors

The Turnable Corner system allows panels to glide independently of each other, not only left and right but around corners so they can be placed out of the way, leaving you with the maximum sized opening.

Turnable Corner panels can be moved along any number of corners and then stacked around the side of a building, along a cavity in the wall or in a purpose built cupboard or pocket.

Invisible tracks
The Turnable Corner system from Vitrocsa utilizes the technology from our Invisible Tracks system which means that even if you have multiple corners for the panels to slide around these won’t appear as unsightly tracks in the flooring but as only two 10mm gaps in the flooring.

Single glass panel
Large single panels taking up an entire wall can slide around a corner and be tucked away into the side of the room, a pocket, or down the side of the building. Not only do you achieve a completely uninterrupted view when the door is closed as there are no interlocks, but the opening can be utilized without panels impeding on the space. The panel can be up to 9m for single glazed and 8m2 for double glazed, making this an exciting possibility.

Corner Openings
With traditional corner openings the panels sliding left can only be moved to the left and the same for the right side but with Turnable Corner you can move each panel left or right making this a multiple opening solution.

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