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Slimmest Frames Worldwide

Only glass is visible, maximising views

Enormous Sliding Panels

up to 18m² (6x3m) horizontally or vertically

Smooth Operation

Large, heavy panels glide with ease

High Energy Performance

Cyclonic wind loads, extreme air/water resistance, highest thermal insulation

Australian Manufactured & Installed

Customised using Australian or Swiss profiles and Australian glass


Vitrocsa Sliding Doors & Windows are the slimmest and largest doors with the most flexible design. All doors are custom made to measure and are designed for the largest openings using the largest glass panels available (18m2). There is no limit to the number of panels or tracks that can be used. Unlike other doors, fixed panels are not required as all panels can slide allowing greater flexibility in design. Doors can open at both ends, the centre, a corner, or slide into a cavity or pocket within the wall.

All aluminium tracks and frames are built into the structure and hidden from view with only the slimmest interlocks visible. Horizontal sliding panels function with unique patented stainless steel bearings installed within the floor tracks rather than on the window panel to allow panels to freely glide. Flush floor finish with no external site strip drain required as the tracks act as the drain for the glass.

Swiss Design, Australian Made with VA MONO & IGU
Vitrocsa Australia has been given the rights to completely extrude aluminium lengths in Australia for our new VA Mono & VA IGU products. Using the same minimal, flexible design that is exclusively Vitrocsa this completely Australian made product is well suited to our milder climate.

To view technical details on the Vitrocsa Sliding system please click the PDF below.

› Download PDF
Tracks + Frames
  • Recessed within the floor, wall and ceiling
  • The slimmest tracks available start at only 32mm wide
  • Endless number of tracks can be used
Vertical Profile
  • The slimmest available at only 18mm wide
  • Reinforced internally for high wind areas
  • Single, Double, Triple
  • Panel sizes up to 18m² (6x3m) vertical or horizontal
  • Sourced in Australia
  • Tracks designed to drain away water
  • Highest grade aluminium in natural anodised in 25 microns, comes standard
  • Coloured anodising in Australia in numerous colours in 25 microns
  • Powder coating in Australia in numerous colours
  • Suitable for extreme environments with 15 year warranty
Set down
  • Minimal set down required of only 75mm depth to conceal the tracks within the flooring
  • Stainless steel rollers within aluminium frames fitted within the tracks
  • Smooth, easy operation
  • Aluminium and stainless steel parts require minimal maintenance and can be done with ease with our removable tracks.
  • Extreme reliability and durability keeps maintenance to a minimum.
  • Australian compliance with AWA
  • Thermally broken tracks and frames ensure highest performance ratings
  • Extremely high thermal insulation in profiles and in frames to maximise energy and cost efficiency
  • Extreme air and water resistance ideal for ocean fronts
  • Well suited for harsh environments and extreme weather conditions
  • Options for energy or cost efficiency, and meeting energy requirements are achieved using single, double and triple glazing
  • Australian manufacture of Australian made and Swiss profiles and Australian components including glazing.
  • Australian assembly allows for precise on-site adjustments
  • Swiss designed and developed with a strong emphasis on research and development.
  • Sole distributor in Australia and as a team focused on service, quality and the successful installation of each and every project.
  • Team of trained, highly precise technicians install all Vitrocsa windows and doors.
  • With so many options and possibilities we provide inspiration, guidance and encourage involvement at the design stage for the best outcome.
  • Product customisation and development to meet the needs of your project with up front design service
  • Push button motorisation can be concealed within the structure.
  • Various options available for locking mechanisms including electric locking.
Trickle Air Vent
  • Allows for a continuous flow of fresh air without a security risk
  • Any material can be fit to our profiles including timber, stone and steel panels
  • A simplified sliding system is available for internal use
  • A curved sliding system is available in single and double glazed