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Frameless Glass Systems

Vitrocsa is a precise Swiss sliding glass system allowing maximum glass size with hidden and minimized components. The entire system is beautifully engineered for visual lightness with an equally light method of operation.

Vitrocsa logic is to hide all tracks and frames within the structure of the building, leaving only the glass visible.

The Minimalist Window
Vitrocsa’s architectural and motorised sliding doors are used in a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial applications. Our minimally framed glass panels glide freely considering their huge weight of up to 1000kg per panel and can be used in openings of any size with individual panels up to 3m x 6m. We minimise components without comprising integrity.

Tracks as Drains
There’s no need to install additional, unsightly storm water products as our tracks act as drains. All water collected by the glass drains through the tracks and into a built-in sub sill drain.

Corner Openings
Vitrocsa sliding panels can be opened from the centre, one side, both sides or from a corner position for maximum flexibility. In addition these panels can be moved completely from view.

The original minimalist window: a purist viewing experience.

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