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Minimal Frames

Only glass is visible, maximising views

Enormous Panels

up to 18m² (6x3m) horizontally or vertically

Smooth Operation

Large, heavy panels glide with ease

High Performance

High air/water resistance, highest thermal insulation

Australian Manufactured

Customisation using Swiss components and Australian glass

Invisible Tracks

Our Invisible Tracks system hides the tracks below the floor level to provide a seamless continuation of flooring between inside and outdoor areas. Panels slide smoothly along tracks that are embedded below the floor level. The flooring can continue without interruption from inside to outside with only a 10mm wide slot visible per track for the VA system.

This product offers a truly minimalist solution with a clean aesthetic.


For technical details on the Invisible Track system please click the PDF below.

› Download PDF
Tracks & Frames
  • Recessed within the floor, wall and ceiling
  • Allows for flooring material to be fitted over the tracks
  • Tracks are hidden so same flooring can continue from inside to outside.
  • Only 2x 10mm slots visible per track - TH+ system
  • Only 1x 10mm slot visible per track - VA system
  • Single, Double
  • Up to 18m² (6x3m) vertical or horizontal
  • Tracks designed to drain away water
  • Air craft grade aluminium in natural anodised in 25 microns
  • Powder coating in numerous colours in Australia
  • Suitable for extreme environments
  • Anodising in numerous colours in 25 microns
  • Stainless steel rollers within aluminium frames
  • Smooth, easy operation
  • Aluminium and stainless steel parts require minimal maintenance and can be done with ease with our removable tracks.
  • Extreme reliability and durability keeps maintenance to a minimum
  • Thermally broken tracks and frames ensure highest performance ratings
  • High thermal insulation in profiles and in frames to maximise energy and cost efficiency
  • Excellent air and water resistance ideal for ocean fronts
  • Options for energy or cost efficiency, and meeting BASIX requirements are achieved using single, double and triple glazing
  • Australian manufacture of Swiss profiles and Australian components including glazing.
  • Australian assembly allows for precise on-site adjustments
  • Swiss designed and developed with a strong emphasis on research and development
  • Sole distributor in Australia and as a team focussed on service, quality and the successful installation of each and every project.
  • Team of trained, highly precise technicians install all Vitrocsa windows and doors.
  • With so many options and possibilities we provide inspiration, guidance and encourage involvement at the design stage for the best outcome.
  • Product customisation and development to meet the needs of your project with up front design service
  • Locks – Various options available for locking mechanisms including electric locking
  • Trickle Air option -
  • Screens - Any material can be fit to our profiles including timber, stone and steel panels
Cross section of Invisible tracks system