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Frameless Sliding Glass Doors

Looking for frameless glass windows and doors? Vitrocsa glazing systems have the slimmest frames and tracks which are recessed within the flooring, ceilings and surrounding structure to give the appearance of a frameless glass door but with the thermal insulation qualities that are lacking in frameless systems.

Vitrocsa is the world’s first and leading supplier of the slimmest sliding doors with the largest panels for oversized openings. Unlike any other product on the market, there is no limit to the number of panels and tracks used for our sliding doors. Vitrocsa Australia are the sole manufacturer in Australasia and are based in Sydney. We specialise in minimal or frameless sliding glass doors and windows.
Our sliding glass doors have very slim profiles and tracks hidden in the surrounding walls, floors and ceilings so there’s not much to see but your view!

The minimalist window invented for architects
Architects have been limited for years in their choice of glass sliding doors. Most have heavy industrial looking frames and worse, tracks that can be tripped over. Even bi-fold doors create unnecessary bulk when opened as there is the need to allocate space from the opening to store the doors. Not to mention the multiple vertical lines that interrupts your view when the doors are closed. The designer and inventor of the minimalist window in 1992 and founder of Vitrocsa, Eric Joray created a sliding door with modern architecture in mind. Eric wanted to strip back all the components to the bare minimum to create a structural piece that is beautiful in its simplicity.

Nothing to see but your view
Well designed buildings will take into account the flexibility of the Vitrocsa system maximising the benefits by creating the largest openings with provisions to hide all the components. With the added benefit of thermally broken tracks and frames to provide the highest insulation for air, wind and water.

If you are looking at designing in large sliding doors with hidden frames for your home or project please call us on +612 9695 1133 and we will be happy to provide design consultation and recommendations for the best system to suit your project and budget.