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Minimal Frames

Only glass is visible, maximising views

Enormous Panels

up to 18 m2 (6x3m) horizontally or vertically

Smooth Operation

Large, heavy panels glide with ease

High Performance

Cyclonic wind loads, extreme air/water resistance, highest thermal insulation

Australian Manufactured

Customisation using Swiss components and Australian glass

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Vitrocsa Australia warrants its tracking products to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 7 years from the date of purchase. Parts such as window and door rollers, hinges and window and door locks have a twelve month warranty.

Other than manufacturing defects, this warranty excludes all other defects caused or contributed in whole or in part by, or resulting from any of the following:

  • Abuse, misuse or neglect
  • Circumstances where the products are used for purposes other than the intended use
  • Natural disasters such as flooding, windstorms and lightning
  • Damage caused by the external environment in which the products are situated
  • Alterations to the products by any person unless authorised by Vitrocsa Australia
  • Failure to follow the recommended maintenance procedures

Vitrocsa Australia shall not be liable under this warranty under any circumstances for any other direct or any indirect, incidental or consequential damages of any kind.

Vitrocsa Australia’s liability in respect of its products that it finds to have manufacturing defects is limited to repairing or replacing the defective products. The repair or replacement of the defective product will be to a standard that provides the same degree of serviceability or functionality that a product without defect would otherwise have.

Vitrocsa Australia will not be liable for costs expenses, loss or damage to any person or property including consequential losses or loss of profits, resulting directly or indirectly from any defect or breach of warranty.



Maintenance Instructions

Hardware in buildings is subject to deterioration from everyday use and also from environmental attack due to atmospheric and other conditions.  Maintenance of hardware is even more important in severe environments such as coastal, marine areas and some industrial areas.  Even stainless steel products require maintenance to prevent deterioration in some environments.


Maintenance Procedures

Powder Coated Surfaces

Powder coated aluminium needs to be cleaned and maintained to ensure the decorative and protective properties of the coating are retained; the frequency of such cleaning will depend on many factors including:

  • The Geographical location of the building.
  • The environment surrounding the building, i.e. marine, industrial etc.
  • Levels of atmospheric pollution.
  • Prevailing Wind.
  • Protection of the building by other buildings.
  • Possibility of airborne debris (e.g. sand) causing erosive wear of coating.

The recommended method of cleaning is to remove all surface contaminants by wiping all visible track surfaces with a damp soft cloth and a solution of warm water and mild detergent, then wipe clean with a dry soft cloth. Nothing harsher than a natural bristle brush should be used.

Where heavier soiling on the coating is encountered, nothing harsher than white spirit should be used for cleaning and in no circumstances should any abrasive cleaner or any cleaner containing ketones, esters or alcohols be used.

To keep a good appearance on your windows you must wash regularly. Window components left for extended periods without cleaning will suffer and won’t come back to their original appearance.

Anodised Surfaces

For anodised surfaces you should follow the same procedure as the powder coated finish, however if this does not remove all the dirt build up a solvent cleaner such as kerosene, turpentine or white spirit may be used.

All sliding door and window tracks should also be cleaned on a regular basis, if they are not this will cause rollers to wear sooner than they should. If this is the case, rollers will be replaced at a cost to the client. A light spray of silicone spray followed by a light wipe with a dry cloth to remove excess is recommended for all hinges and rollers where products become difficult to operate.


The procedures mentioned above need to be carried out as often as is necessary to prevent deterioration in the installed environment. Vitrocsa Australia requires the following minimum maintenance to be carried out otherwise warranty shall be void.

  • General environments – 6 monthly
  • Marine and industrial environments – 3 monthly

Part Replacement & Servicing

Our high precision products should give you many years of serviceability without having to replace any parts, but if required the following parts can be purchased from Vitrocsa Australia. Servicing of your product can also be provided at a fee.

  • Bearing Rollers
  • Cable + Cable rollers
  • Locks
  • Pivots

Glass Maintenance

It is suggested that a check and clean should be conducted every six months for clean environments and approximately every three months for grimy and coastal environments. Wipe the surface with a few drops of methylated spirits on a damp cloth or with a solution of mild soapy water and then polish the surface dry with a lint free cloth. Extra care should be taken with high performance or coated glass and you should refer to the manufacturer’s website or products literature. Abrasive cleaners, harsh chemicals, tape and construction works (grinder sparks etc) near glass should be avoided as they can damage the glass.