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Minimal Frames

Only glass is visible, maximising views

Enormous Panels

up to 18 m2 (6x3m) horizontally or vertically

Smooth Operation

Large, heavy panels glide with ease

High Performance

Cyclonic wind loads, extreme air/water resistance, high thermal insulation

Australian Manufactured

Customisation using Swiss & Australian components with Australian glass

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History & Philosophy

Vitrocsa_History SMALLVitrocsa embraces a simple philosophy – that less is more. the less visible the window track and frame, the more the experience of the space is enhanced.

This unique solution offers an opportunity for architects and designers to create expansive, uninterrupted views, maximising the connection between interior spaces and their surrounds.

The Vitrocsa system uses glazing as a structural element. All tracks and frames are hidden within the architecture, enabling the slimmest frames to support the largest panes of glass.

Developed in 1993 by swiss engineers applying precise watch technology, every component, detail and junction is reduced to its bare essentials in a quest for simplicity. The best use of Vitrocsa Glazing Systems is for the largest of openings with a minimum number of large panels.

Brought to Australia in 2008 by a passionate team with an extensive building and architecture background, vitrocsa has been employed in state-of- the-art commercial and residential projects
across Australia.

Extrusions and accessories are manufactured in Switzerland and manufactured on-site in Botany, along with locally sourced components. Close communication and a dedicated team ensures seamless production, transport and installation, while ongoing research, development and refinement of new and existing systems ensures Vitrocsa remains at the cutting edge of the market.

Visit the Botany head office or Contact the team to arrange a site visit so you can explore the possibilities of this unique product.