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Minimal Frames

Only glass is visible, maximising views

Enormous Panels

up to 18m² (6x3m) horizontal or vertical

Smooth Operation

Large, heavy panels glide with ease

High Performance

Cyclonic wind loads, extreme air/water resistance, highest thermal insulation

Australian Manufactured

Customised using Swiss components and Australian glass

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  • Vitrocsa is a truly invisible wall experience, frames can be recessed in the construction material, leaving just the 18mm interlock visible. Tracks are also embedded within the floor, walls and ceiling for a truly frameless effect
  • All components have been reduced down to the absolute minimum dimensions without compromising the integrity of the window
  • Allows enormous glass panels to slide with ease. The largest available with glass size up to 18m² (6m x 3m) in a single glass pane for vertical or horizontal sliding
  • 18mm vertical profiles (interlocks) are the only visible components
  • Slimmest Tracks & Frames depth at only 32 mm wide for single glass
  • Minimal set-down from 65mm from finished floor level and includes sub sill drain
  • The floor tracks act as a drain. All water collected by the glass is drained through the tracks and into the built-in sub sill drain. This removes the need for separate stormwater products
  • Only the glass is visible with hidden components, all tracks and frames are recessed and hidden within the floor, walls and ceiling
  • Complete range available – sliding (straight + curved), guillotine (horizontal sliding), pivot, invisible tracks and turnable corners


  • Smooth, easy sliding operation of panels with roller bearings located within the floor tracks allows the huge, heavy panes of glass to glide independently. The roller bearing system is stainless steel or specially adapted for projects near the sea.
  • Extreme reliability and durability. Aluminium and stainless steel parts requiring minimal maintenance. Bearings are designed to clip in and out for replacing with ease.
  • Screen options in such as insect mesh, timber slats offer flexibility in function and design
  • Motorisation can be installed by others to all our products.


  • Thermal breaks within the tracks and frames provide extremely high thermal insulation to maximise energy and cost efficiency
  • Extreme air and water resistance ideal for ocean fronts
  • Well suited for harsh environments and extreme weather conditions
  • Glazing available in single, double and triple provides options for energy or cost efficiency, and meeting Energy requirements


  • Australian manufactured using Swiss components and Australian glass
  • Australian assembly allows for on-site adjustments and quick service
  • Swiss designed and developed with a strong emphasis on research and development
  • Our sole distribution team in Australia are focussed on service, quality and the successful installation of each and every project
  • Only our own team of highly trained, precise technicians install all Vitrocsa windows and doors nationally and internationally
  • With so many options and possibilities we provide inspiration, guidance and encourage involvement at the design stage for the best outcome