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Minimal Frames

Only glass is visible, maximising views

Enormous Panels

up to 18m2 (6x3m) horizontal or vertical

Smooth Operation

Large, heavy panels glide with ease

High Performance

Cyclonic wind loads, extreme air/water resistance, highest thermal insulation

Australian Manufactured

Customised using Swiss components and Australian glass

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Has Vitrocsa been tested in Australia?

Yes, the Vitrocsa system has been tested in Australia for design pressure, air infiltration and water penetration according to AS 2047.1.

Does Vitrocsa have Australian Certification?

Yes Vitrocsa has been tested as described above and has been certified by the Australian Window Association (AWA) of whom Vitrocsa is a member.

What are the size restrictions for your system?

Vitrocsa can be built to ANY size specification. The limitation is determined by the maximum single panel glass size currently available from glass manufacturers worldwide. In Australia we are able to source panels up to 18m2 (6x3m). Obviously the opening can be much larger than this with the use of multiple panels.

What products are available?

Vitrocsa currently offer Sliding, Guillotine (Vertically Sliding), Pivot, Invisible Tracks, Turnable Corner, Curved Sliding and our latest product made completely in Australia VA Mono suited to our climate. Our Vitrocsa systems can be fitted with Screens made of timber slats, metal or wire mesh. Motorisation is also an option on any sliding product. Vitrocsa continually invests in research and development so new products and refinements are made regularly.

What kind of glazing is available?

Vitrocsa systems are available in single, double and triple glazed to suit your insulation requirements. Laminated, Low E, low iron and hurricane impact glazing is also available. We have also installed switch glass which can be switched to opaque then back to clear with the flick of a switch.

Do you custom make all your products?

Yes we measure all openings for ordering and then follow-up with a precision measure for manufacture to create systems to specific measurements.

Do you have different types of systems for each product?

Yes our systems come in 3001, TH+ and SWIMMS which are the different types of aluminium profiles used to create our products. In 1993 the original ‘3001’ system was invented by Eric Jouray the founder and designer of Vitrocsa. This system has been copied by many who still use this same system. Since then Vitrocsa has developed the improved TH+ system which is used across all our products and comes in double and triple glass with sizes up to 18m2. The most recent product is SWIMMS which is the slimmest product of all with completely hidden top & bottom rails on sliding panels. It also comes in single glazing as well as double + triple. This system is used for our Sliding product in mono, single and triple glazing with sizes up to 18m2 (6x3m).

What does the Vitrocsa system cost?

Vitrocsa is a unique and special system that relies heavily on precision manufacture, assembly and installation of all components. Except for the profiles, every single component of the Vitrocsa is developed and manufactured exclusively by a watch components manufactory in Switzerland with a precision of a 1/100 of a millimetre, the standard of quality of high-end Swiss watches. The sqm cost of Vitrocsa depends on many factors, including size, configuration, system and wind load and thermal requirements.

Who can install Vitrocsa?

Installation of the Vitrocsa system requires more than general window, door or curtain wall installation experience. Due to the uniqueness of the Vitrocsa system, Vitrocsa units should only be installed by our own factory trained installation experts. Furthermore, Vitrocsa requires an exceptionally high level of precision for installation for which adequate amount of time should be allocated.

Is the Vitrocsa profile thermally broken?

All Vitrocsa systems are thermally broken to allow for maximum thermal efficiency.

Which finishes are available?

Vitrocsa’s standard finish is clear anodized (naturally anodized). This finish allows the slim aluminium profiles to blend in well with the glazing, providing an even slimmer appearance. Other anodized finishes as well as powdercoated finishes (over 265 colours) are available as an upgrade option.

Is Vitrocsa manufactured in Australia?

Yes, the aluminium profiles are supplied by Vitrocsa Switzerland and Vitrocsa Australia will cut to size and manufacture in Australia. All other components like glazing and motorisation are sourced locally from Australian suppliers. Vitrocsa is precision fit to each opening on site eliminating the vast issues that come with prefabricated copies of the original Vitrocsa system.

Can the Vitrocsa tracks be installed flush within the finished floor?

Yes, Vitrocsa’s low track system allows for completely flush installation with the finished floor, even with low floor build-ups. For example the set-down depth for SWIMMS is 54mm. For an even more concealed finish our Invisible Track system hides evidence of a track by just leaving 2 narrow lines within the floor.

Can the Vitrocsa frames be completely hidden in the wall?

Yes, the Vitrocsa frames can be completely buried in the stucco, drywall or other wall types. This exciting possibility allows glazing to span from floor to ceiling, with the slim 18mm vertical interlocks between two glass panels being the only evidence of a sliding system.

How does the Turnable Corner product work?

The sliding panels move separately around any number of corner tracks to be totally hidden from the opening. For example, you may have a 6m wide opening. Typically 3m wide fixed panel along with a 3m wide sliding panel would be used. However with Turnable Corner you can have a 2x 3m wide panels that slide around a corner so the panel is placed or stacked along a side wall and so tucked away from view and providing a true 6m wide opening. Alternatively you may have a balcony with multiple columns or the shape of the structure has many angles. Typically this would be solved with a combination of fixed corner or corner opening panels and other sliding panels in the remaining spaces. This would mean your opening contains many fixed panels. With Turnable Corner every single panel is moveable around the various columns or structure shape and can be tucked away elsewhere to completely reveal the opening.

Is the Vitrocsa system weather proof?

The Vitrocsa system was designed and engineered in the Swiss Alps to withstand the harshest alpine weather conditions. In addition, Vitrocsa has been installed at numerous coastal locations without any problems and with the added benefit of high thermal insulation qualities.

Do I need separate drains?

No the Vitrocsa tracks act as a drain themselves eliminating the need for additional and unsightly drains.

What is the lead time?

The production time is usually 15 weeks from receipt of a. Signed Order Confirmation, b. Deposit paid and c. Shop drawings approved. This is subject to change depending on time of year and production levels.